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About Us

We are a dedicated group of pinball enthusiasts in and around State College and Bellefonte, devoted to playing, fixing, and promoting pins whenever we aren't wasting time with more trivial things like earning a living. With over 30 years in the hobby, Joe Schall leads this effort, with notable support from Chris Meyers, owner of Starport Arcade and Pub, with Chris having hundreds of locations across eight states. Previously, we hosted Silverball Sundays at Joe's house on a Sunday afternoon of each month from October through April, 2023-2024. In the future, we plan to hold Silverball Sundays at Axemann Brewery, Bellefonte, beginning in the fall of 2024.


Along with Joe and other valued volunteers, fellow "pinheads" doggedly play test and fine-tune the machines to ensure they are tournament-ready. Despite being amateur techs, we strive to keep all tournament machines 100% working, and we seek to provide a fun, relaxed, social, family-friendly, and competitive environment for both novice and veteran flippers. The local Town & Gown magazine featured an article about Silverball Sundays in the January 2024 issue. An online version of the article is titled "Happy Valley Pinball Wizards."


For more information, contact Joe Schall, Joe is glad to share his cell phone number with you once contacted.

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